How Much Money Do You Win When You Hit the Mega Ball Only on Mega Millions?


You have a 1/46 chance of winning the Mega Ball with Mega Millions. The pay out is $2 for the Mega Ball only. You can win $150 if you get the Mega Ball with 3 other balls.
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u win money and u spend wisley.
Matching 2 numbers
a whole $3 just enough for a beer at many bars but not a tip. and they only tax if you win over $600.
If you match 3 numbers without the Mega ball you win $7. The next jackpot is estimated at $16 million.
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You win $2 if you hit only the mega ball for the mega millions lottery game. The chances of that happening are 1 in 75. If you have one other ball match, you win ...
If one of those numbers is the mega ball then yes you will cash payout. The payout rate goes: 0 numbers + mega ball = $2.00 1 number + mega ball = $3.00 2 ...
You would win $150 if you had three winning numbers and the gold ball on mega millions lottery. This could be increased by a percentage determined by the state ...
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