How much money does 50 Cent have?


Curtis James Jackson III is an American actor and rapper who is better known by his stage name 50 Cent. In 2010, the 34-year-old Rapper 50 Cent is estimated to have a $400 million fortune.
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According to the New York Guides, 50 Cent makes $50 million a
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The amount of money that 50 cents has is estimated to be worth around $440 million. This is due not only for selling records, but also his vitamin water, and G-Unit.
It has been reported that the rapper 50 Cent has a net worth of $100-$125 million. This is an estimate, as the rapper has not made his net worth public.
According to Forbes, 50 cent is estimated to be worth $100 million dollars. It was thought that he was worth more than that but due to declining record sales and the fact that he sold his shares in Vitamin Water, his net worth declined over recent years.
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