How much money does a bus driver make?


According to the 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a school bus driver makes an average annual salary of $29,550 per year, or $14.21 per hour. Inter-city and public transportation bus drivers make an average annual salary of $36,600.

The highest paid 10 percent of bus drivers make an average of $59,480 annually. The lowest paid 10 percent of bus drivers make $21,320 per year.

According to U.S. News and World Report, the highest paid bus drivers live in metropolitan cities such as Olympia, Wash., Seattle and New York City. The median yearly wage for a bus driver in Olympia is $53,450, which is $16,790 more than the average pay for a bus driver nationally.

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Salary Profile for Bus driver
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $39,000 $55,000 $28,000
National $30,000 $43,000 $21,000
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