How Much Money Does a Butcher Make?

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Salary Profile for Butcher
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $36,000 $46,000 $28,000
National $28,000 $36,000 $22,000
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A butcher makes £16397.72 in a year. A butcher is a person who prepares meat, poultry and fish to sell to customers in butcher shops or supermarkets. He or she can also be referred to as a fish monger, meat cutter or a fish cleaner.
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Remove meat from store packaging. Trim any access fat. This is also a good opportunity to establish correct portion sizes. One meat portion is equivalent to a deck of cards or the
Answer Working for a big store? Working for a little butcher shop?Working for yourself?
As an apprentice in a decent sized operation you'll start at about 30k, once
twice as much as a regular one.
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