How Much Money Does a Family of 5 Spend on Food a Month?


A family of five, will spend, at a minimum, about $400 a month on food. In some cases, it's even closer to $700 a month, depending on what they choose to buy.
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To qualify for food stamps, families must make less than the federal poverty guidelines for their income level. The federal government bases poverty guidelines on the cost of food
A family of three should shoot to spend no more than 400
From several studies released by cnn abc etc, they show the average monthly amount spent to feed a family of 4 here in the US varies from $400 to $700. This varies due to the increased
I tend to spend $150-$200 dollars a month on groceries, and that's basically eating at home for all meals. I am a 20 year old college student and I cook food, often pack leftovers
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A family of 4 adults, could spend a great amount of money on food, but if you watch what you buy, you could easily only spend about $800 a month on food for that ...
How much a family of three should spend per month on food depends on a lot of things. It will depend on the age of those three and the location where they buy ...
The average family with children spends about $250 each month on gasoline. It is less for couples or singles without kids. Personally, my family does not spend ...
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