How Much Money does a Hotel Owner Make?


How much money a hotel owner makes depends on the size of the hotel. A small hotel with 50 rooms averages $1 million per year, and a hotel with 500 rooms averages $10 million per year.
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The amount of money a hotel owner makes depends on how much business the hotel gets. It also depends on how many employees are hired to run the hotel and the overhead cost. To get a better idea on how much hotel owners make, call a few and they should be happy to answer your question.
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1. Consider the location of your potential hotel. What city would you like for your hotel to be located? The success of a hotel largely depends on its location. You want to be in
i would say form 45 thousand to maybe 60 thousand a year depending what hotel. Working as a manager of a large budget hotel chain, pay can start at around £26K pa & range
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An average hotel owner makes about $60,000 to $100,000 a year, and the amounts are increasing. Obviously, luxury and upscale hotel owners make more than medium ...
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