How Much Money Does a Mailman Make?

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Salary Profile for Mailman
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $47,000 $63,000 $34,000
National $37,000 $49,000 $27,000
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A mailman's average salary would range from $3,740 to $5,610 a month. However, a mailman who is just starting would have an average income that would range between $3,080 to $4,620. A mailman can earn as much as $66,000 every year.
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A full-time USPS career mailman would start at around $ 42,000/year base salary. For part-time employees the pay rate starts at $ 12.29 per hour. The maximum base for veteran city
Mailmen working for the U.S. Postal Service can expect to make between $37,077 and $62,631, according to Pay Scale. Those at the beginning of their careers are likely to earn on the
A full-time USPS career mailman would start at around $ 42,000/year...
You can find your answer here. It lists full time part time etc.…
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Mailmen do not expect to be tipped for delivering the mail. If you know their birthday you can offer them a gift of money then or at the holiday season. ...
I personally have never heard of tipping the mailman. However, it is a very nice gesture. I would think two-three dollars would be good. ...
Mailman makes an average yearly salary of $56,100. Their average pay as a beginner is $46,200. As they get more experience, their salary can go as high as $66,000 ...
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