How Much Money does a Notary Public Make?


Many notaries do not do this as a primary profession. They may charge $5 or $10 for each document to be notarized. Those that do choose to pursue this as a profession can make between $25-$73,000 per year. You can find out more information here:
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1. Make sure you have all the necessary qualifications and met all the necessary requirements. Before you can start making any money as a notary public you will first need to make
1. Take and pass the notary public exam. The exams are given by the state of New York. You can pick up a notary packet from the Rockland County Clerk's Office or download it from
1. Fill out the application form (see References) Enter your name, address, date of birth and report any convictions or felonies you have been charged with in your life. You must
In the state of New York, notaries public are commissioned by the secretary of state, and may perform private work or be employed at a city office or private business. In order to
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The level of Notary Public fees are not fixed or set by the Faculty Office. Subsequently, each Notary Public practice is free to determine what it considers to ...
A notary public cost between $10-$25 depending on what needs to be signed. A single signature is least expensive. You will need your license and sometimes a social ...
In the state of New York, a notary public may charge up to $2 to notarize a document. They are not allowed to charge anything above that or any other fees. Notary ...
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