How Much Money does a Repo Man Make?


The salary of a repo man depends upon the company he is working for and the value of the item being repossessed. In addition, it would depend upon how many items he was able to recover per year. Most companies pay a percentage of the item.
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How Much Money Does a Repo Man Make?
When drivers fail to pay their auto loans, the lender often hires someone to repossess the vehicle. In many states, repossessors do not need a court order as long as the lender gives enough notice to the driver and the repossessor acts peacefully.... More »
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How much money a repo man will make depends on a couple of things - such as whether he owns the company or is just an employee, the state where he is employed, and even the time he has been doing the job. The least he can expect is minimum wage - the higher end might make around a couple hundred dollars a job or more.
A Repo man could make as much as two hundred dollars a car depending on who he's working for and the type of car he is going after. Depends on what the car's worth and where it's at also.
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Locate reports that the amount of money an auto repossessor makes varies depending on how many clients he can get. An independent repossessor can charge $250 or more for
Take courses that will teach you the laws that pertain to repossessions to become a repo man. After you complete those, see if you can get a job as a trainee at a repossession company
Answer That's theft. You need to file a report with your local police.
1 Acquire details about the repossession laws in your state or region. Your state or region's financial department, secretary of state, supreme court, or judicial branch can inform
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How much money a repo man makes depends upon if they own their own company or not. If they don't own their own company, they make between $70 and $100 per car. ...
The amount a repo man makes a year depends on how many cars he or she repossesses. Most repo men and woman can make up to $350 for each card they seize. So theoretically ...
How much a repo man makes depends on the number of clients he or she can retain. A lender hires a repo man to repossess cars owned by people who have fallen behind ...
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