How Much Money Does a Talk Show Host Make?


A talk show host average is approximately $33,000 annually. Talk show host must be able to communicate with a live audience and be patient with them as well. Communication skills are a must for a talk show host.
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How Much Money Does a Talk Show Host Make?
Talk show hosts may receive high levels of attention and pay. American talk show host Oprah Winfrey, for instance, is known to reach millions of viewers and was paid $260 million in 2007. In the broadcasting business, however, high earners such as... More »
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It is best to go to school for broad casting and communications if you are interested in becoming a talk show host. You should apply as an intern on a talk show set as well to gain
The career website Simply Hired reports that the average yearly salary for all talk show hosts is $33,000 as of 2010. However, the exact salary for talk show hosts varies widely and
It depends on the market size, time slot, and popularity of the host. The salary range is very diverse. Some hosts make just above hourly minimum wage while others bring in millions
1 Find an area of interest. Any radio host needs a subject. Areas of interest could be broad subjects, such as sports or entertainment. Having a focused general theme allows you to
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$650,000 per year for his radio talk show. $150,000 est. per year for his Boston Herald column. Unknown amounts from 3 recent New York Times bestsellers. Other ...
Female talk show hosts are known for their popular talk show titles, and a lot of the time, female talk show hosts have other things going for them. For example, ...
To become a talk show host and start generating a healthy salary, it helps to have a background in broadcasting. Most talk show hosts begin honing their skills ...
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