How Much Money Does a Zoo Keeper Make?


The money a zoo keeper makes will depend on the zoo in which they work. Each zoo will pay a different salary. In most cases, a zoo keepers average salary is $27,500 a year.
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Just starting at a zoo you would get minimum wage. The longer and higher up in the zoo administration you get the higher the wage, over $40,000 per year.
1. Graduating with a college degree can help secure employment as a zoo keeper. Obtain a college degree in a relevant subject. Although this is not strictly a necessity, it can set
In the movie "Zookeeper" (2011) A group of zoo animals decide to
Most zoos are more interested in experience with animals than in qualifications. Having said that, most like you to have at least a C in English and Maths, and a good grade in the
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A Zookeeper can make as much as $28,000 a year. This all depends on the city that you are hired with. A zookeeper maintains the help of animals and grounds.
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It would cost around $18000000 to start a zoo. To start a number of aspects have to be put into consideration like the cost of the land, the cost of insurance, ...
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