How Much Money Does an Internal Auditor Make?


Internal auditing salaries can range in a wide variety of ways. Most people when starting out for a medium-sized company will find themselves making about 44,000 a year. The longer you're an auditor, the more you will get paid.
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How Much Money Does an Internal Auditor Make?
While no one wants to be audited by an outside organization, many businesses and corporations do hire internal auditors to evaluate the inner workings of the firm and search for waste and fraud. Management, finances, records, company operations and... More »
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Based on a 2009 report and salary survey by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of auditors was $67,430 a year. Those in the bottom 10th percentile reported
An internal auditor is one who inspects and verifies the validity of the financial records for a particular company. Many large companies will have an internal auditor to oversee
doing internal audit and help management
Employee of the organization who is conducting an internal audit. The internal auditor works independently of the accounting and other departments and is concerned with financial
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