How Much Money Does an MMA Fighter Make?


A MMA Fighter can make approximately a quarter of a million dollars per fight. However, that $250,000 per fight has a lot of expenses that must be paid first before the fighter gets their cut.
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1. Select "Career" or "Fighter Share" from the main menu and select "Create a Fighter" to begin your creation. 2. Select a first name, last name and
He gets paid about $250K to fight, plus a win bonus, probably somewhere around $200K. So if he fights and wins, around a half million. Plus he gets a percentage of the PPV buys, and
MMA fighters make more money that a boxer.ChaCha for now!
There are three current fighters should deserve to mention in the short list: Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, Georges St-Pierre. While St. Pierre and Fedor are deserving, I would
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