How much money does McDonald's spend on advertising?


McDonald's spends about $963 million on advertising every year, according to "Business Insider." Every year the advertising budget for the fast-food giant goes up as it competes for customers and breaks into new foreign markets.

"Burger Business" says that one out of every six dollars spent by the restaurant industry on advertising is spent by McDonald's. While past marketing campaigns have made the Golden Arches a cultural zeitgeist, McDonald's continues to spend money on marketing in America in order to promote healthier food options, persuade the public it uses quality food and to fight the backlash it faces from paying workers low wages.

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McDonald's spends over Over 2 billion dollars ever
McDonald's puts forth a large percentage of their advertising budget on TV Advertising. McDonald's also advertises on the radio and newspaper. They spend on average $3,000,000 a month's_spen...
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