How Much Money Does the Average Teenager Spend?


According to the organisation Teenage Research Unlimited in Northbrook, Illinois, the average teenager spends about £53 ($85) per week, which means the current teen economy tops approximately £88 billion ($141 billion) a year. The federal government's Jumpstart survey of over 4,000 high school seniors revealed that 32% used credit cards and 43% had access to ATM machines. Yet a huge number of teenagers do not know how to differentiate credit cards in terms of fixed or variable Annual Percentage Rates, finance charges, grace periods and so forth. They may have semi-permanent jobs, but they don't know what FICA deductions are.
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Teenagers spend about 2,000 dollars every years. Estimating teens spend 50 dollars a month on clothing and media. Multiple 50 by 12 and you can approximately get 600.
U.S. teens controlled an estimated $169 billion
U.S. training organizations spend more than $125B a year on learning and development opportunities for their employees, with an average of $1081 per learner per year, according to
A national survey by Visa revealed that parents spend on average $1,078 for each teenager attending prom. Northeastern families will splurge on average $1,944, Southern families will
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