How Much Money Goes to Welfare?


Although the actual number of how much money goes to welfare is unknown to the public, it comes from the taxpayers' monies paid to the government. You can find out more information here:
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The breakdown of the welfare system goes as follows: $32 billion for Medicaid, $49 billion goes for food stamps, another $12.5 million for school lunches and head start programs. You can find more information here:
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How much money is spent on welfare varies from year to year, but is generally much less than people imagine. In fact, the United States spends less on social services than any other
State and federal welfare spending is approximately $2.38 trillion per
The initial application for assistance provides an applicant the option to request Medicaid, cash and food assistance. The law requires social service agencies to provide people requesting
Here's where you should definitely be able to find out the information you need -- you'll just have to do a little digging for it:
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Despite what people think, hardly any money in the U.S. budget goes towards welfare. It is less than 0.5% that is spent on needy families, while over 20% is budgeted ...
Approximately $354.3 billion in tax dollars goes to welfare. The rest of the tax dollars is used for Social Security, unemployment and the military. ...
In 2006 the amount of money given to the welfare system in America was $354.3 billion. In 2010 the breakdown for Government Welfare spending was even more. You ...
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