How much money is a 1920 Lincoln penny worth?


A 1920 Lincoln penny could be worth anywhere from $10-$50 dollars if it is in absolute perfect condition. If it is badly damaged it could only be worth face value.
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Depends on condition and type.there are 3 types and if you don't know you need to find also depends on who is willing to pay the price.dealers will most likely only give you
In 1920 the US and Canada minted cents, while Britain, Australia, and New Zealand (among other countries) minted pennies. Please post a new, separate question with the coin's country
The date is worn, but still easily visible for a penny to be in good condition. The lines in the wheat heads are also missing. Lincoln's face can have a fair amount of wear. A 1934
A 1973 penny could be worth between 0.01 and
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