How much money Is 1925-D Lincoln penny worth?


To determine the worth of your 1925-D Lincoln penny, you will need to know if the coin is circulated or not and also the overall condition of the coin. If the coin is uncirculated, it can be worth as much as $73.13. For more information, visit:
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This is a very common coin that is still found in circulation today. Retail value in high mint state grades is only 15 to 25 cents.
Lincoln Memorial pennies have been issued since 1959, and unless they are
It's face value only. Someone took an ordinary Lincoln cent, and added Kennedy's face to it. They're commonly sold for a couple of bucks attached to a small card explaining all the
Unless it is in mint condition you could probably only get like 25¢ for it. And even if it is in mint, it is still only worth maybe $1-$2.
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A 1925 penny is worth 6 - 18 cents. The 1925-S is worth the most. This is the amount that a coin dealer would offer you. You can probably get more money for it ...
A 1959 Lincoln penny is only worth the face value of the coin, which is just a penny. People are even selling the uncirculated ones that are a 1959-D online, ...
A 1920 Lincoln penny could be worth anywhere from $10-$50 dollars if it is in absolute perfect condition. If it is badly damaged it could only be worth face value ...
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