How Much Money Is a Million Pennies?


A penny is worth one cent, and there are 100 cents in a dollar. That means 100 pennies per dollar. So, divide 1 million pennies by 100 and you get $10,000.
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A million pennies adds up to $10,000. Ten thousand U.S. dollars. There is 100 pennies for every dollar. 100 times 10,000 is 1 million. Or take one million and multiply by 0.01 and you will get 10,000.
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2,000,000 pennies = £20,000.00.
1 million pennies is equal to 10,000 dollars. Thanks for using ChaCha!!
1. Check the date on the coin. The coin must be a Lincoln penny from 1943. 2. Check that the coin isn't made of steel. Steel pennies were minted to replace copper and zinc pennies
2 million pennies are equal to $20,000. 1 million pennies are equal to $10,000. There are 100 pennies in 1 dollar, so to figure out how many dollars are in any amount of pennies,
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One million pennies equal to 10,000 dollars. The mass of a current US penny is 2.50 grams, thus one million pennies will weigh around 2500000 grams or 2500 kilograms ...
A 1953 penny, whether it is a plain 1953, a 1953-S, or a 1953-D, they're all worth only 3 times the face value. There were 700.5 million 1953-D pennies that were ...
One million US pennies equals ten thousand US dollars. The face of the US penny is Abraham Lincoln (16th US president) and the face of the US dollar bill is George ...
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