How much money is a million pennies?


One million pennies have a face value of $10,000. According to a USA Today article, the total weight of a million pennies is approximately 3.6 tons.

If packaged into rolls for easy handling, the million pennies equal 20,000 50-coin rolls in total. According to the Consumerist website, the cost incurred by the U.S. Mint of minting each of those pennies in 2013 was 1.8 cents, making the actual cost of one million pennies an expensive $18,000. The high cost of creating a penny is due primarily to the raw cost of the zinc and copper used to form the coin.

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In USD, 1,000,000 pennies= $10,000. 10000 USD. One million pennies is $10000.00.
1 million pennies is equal to 10,000 dollars. Thanks for using ChaCha!!
A United States Of America penny is currently worth one cent. If you have an old penny, it would depend on the condition, year, and other factors, to determine worth.
The U.S. Mint first issued the wheat penny in 1909 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln's 100th birthday. The design was popular with the American public and continued to be issued. The
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One United States penny weighs 2.5 grams so the weight of one hundred million pennies would be 2.5×10^8 grams or 551,000 lbs (pounds) or 250,000 kg ...
According to my local coin shop all pennies have a letter stamped on them. The letter indicates which mint the coin was made at. Most pennies are only worth face ...
A 1920 Lincoln penny could be worth anywhere from $10-$50 dollars if it is in absolute perfect condition. If it is badly damaged it could only be worth face value ...
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