How much money is a Nintendo 64 worth?


A Nintendo 64 is worth about $20-$30 if you are selling just the console with the controllers. If an N64 is in like-new condition in the box, it can sell for over $100. You can also get over $100 for it if you include some popular games.
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in box 250.00.
A Jungle Green Nintendo 64 System is currently selling for $54.95
The original U.S. version of the Nintendo 64 is worth roughly $30.00.
Well, I got my SM64 for around $20 at a CD World, and that was around 3 years ago. You could probably get away with selling it for $25-30. The DK64 could probably sell for up to $20
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A Nintendo 64 system is worth anywhere from $20 to $40. To find out the exact worth of your system you can take it into a local game store like Gamestop. ...
The Nintendo 64's recommended retail price at release was 125GBP. A used N64 costs as low as 70GBP, depending on how old it is, level of maintenance and the seller ...
While it largely depends on the condition of the console and controllers, the original Nintendo NES system sells for $50 to $200 online. Many of these systems ...
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