How much money is a Nintendo 64 worth?


A Nintendo 64 is worth about $20-$30 if you are selling just the console with the controllers. If an N64 is in like-new condition in the box, it can sell for over $100. You can also get over $100 for it if you include some popular games.
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A Jungle Green Nintendo 64 System is currently selling for $54.95
I sold basically exactly what you have for $50. Good luck! Hope I helped! Please mark as best answer if it is. Any other questions feel free to message me. Tyler(age 15)
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A Nintendo 64 system is worth anywhere from $20 to $40. To find out the exact worth of your system you can take it into a local game store like Gamestop. ...
The Nintendo 64's recommended retail price at release was 125GBP. A used N64 costs as low as 70GBP, depending on how old it is, level of maintenance and the seller ...
Your Super Nintendo game console is worth approximately $70. The value of your Super Nintendo is dependent upon the options that you have and the condition of ...
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