How much money is a playstation 3?


The Plastation 3 with the 320 GB hard drive will cost around 350 dollars. The 120 gigabyte Sony Playstation runs at an even 300 dollars. The basic Playstation 3 costs about 200 dollars at your favorite mass merchandiser.
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Playstation 3 was invented by the people at Sony. Sony is who manufactures Playstations. The first playstation was invented by Ken Kutaragi and they have improved it from there. Hope
Well it depends on what your looking at. If your buying a PlayStation 3 that comes with a bonus game or something, it could cost from $600-800. but if your buying it by itself, then
Online. Buying video games online is a great way to save money, especially if you are using an online auction website. By using the internet you can search thousands of stores to
The base model PS3 starts at $399.99. ChaCha for now!
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The Playstation 3 will cost around $299 brand new. If it is sold in a bundle package, with games and accessories, it may cost a bit more. If it's sold by itself, ...
£129.99 ...
If you want to bring your playstation 2 to gamestop to trade it in, they will probably only give you about $30-$50 for it. Your best bet would be to list it on ...
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