How much money is a wii?


Most Wii consoles cost about $199 when purchased from major department stores or online stores. They may be found for cheaper on online auction sites, but you should be wary of the quality if you purchase it this way.
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Now is a great time to purchase a WII. The WII just had a price cut and the price went from $249.99 to $199.99. The price is not a specific store but anywhere you can buy a WII. Go
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$250 in stores.
1 Turn on your TV Ad 2 Plug in your Wii.
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The wii costs right around one hundred and ninety nine dollars. It can be found at various retailers and online. Good luck and happy gaming with your new wii. ...
The Wii is running right around two hundred dollars for the game. How much you pay depends on what you purchase. There are a lot of games that are for the Wii. ...
The Nintendo Wii, costs around $179 by itself, with nothing included. If you want the bundle package, accessories and games included, it will cost around $285. ...
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