How much money is a xbox 360?


A Xbox 360 can cost you as much as $149. The price is dependent upon the options and the size of the hard drive that you choose. You can find a used Xbox 364 less money.
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A new 4GB Xbox 360 console is currently priced at $199.99, while a new 250GB console is priced at $299.99.
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There are many place to buy an Xbox 360. You could go to your local pawn shop, Walmart, Kmart, Bestbuy, Target, or you can always check out ebay and craigslist.
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The XBOX 360 comes with several different options and add-ons. A 4GB console, will run approx $199, the price depends on the addition memory, Kinect and or bundle ...
The Xbox 360 Halo Bundle with console is $259. Your final price will be more or less after you choose the optional features. You can also just buy the Xbox 360 ...
How much money the Xbox 360 is depends on how many games and the GB capacity. For example, you can get the 4G console for $299.00. The 250G costs $399.00. You ...
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