How Much Money Is Copper Worth Per Pound?


The price of copper per pound is about $3.74 but the price is known to fluctuate according to the demand for it in the market. If the demand is low, the price will drop and if it is high, the price will rise.
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The London Metal Exchange reports Copper is sold for an average of $2.28 per pound over the last 3 months. The site is updated every day at midnight so check back often. Did you know
As of May 26, 2013, copper is worth $3.29 per Pound.
It's worth $3.3375-3.3511 (or say it the easy way: $3) Source(s) A book about those things.
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About $3.50. ...
It is believed that copper scrap metal prices vary on a daily basis and also depends on the type of copper scrap wire, prepared; a heavy Scrap Copper is around ...
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