How Much Money Is Paris Hilton Worth?

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Paris Hilton is an heiress to a family fortune worth $300 million.
Paris Hilton is not worth as much as many people come to believe. She will inherit about 2.5 million when her father, Barron Hilton passes away. But she has been making a good profit
paris will give me 1.5million because i need money and she's the type of girl (heiress) to ask for money
Paris Hilton is worth 7 million. She was set to inherit 20 million, but the 2.3 billion Hilton fortune has now been willed to charities.
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Paris Hilton the daughter and heir of the Hilton chain of hotels is worth over 100 million dollars with her grandfather estimated to be worth $2.3 billion as the Hilton’s have been always associated with business and money.
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