How much money should I give as a baptism gift?


Most people decided on $50 when determining how much money to give for a baptism gift. These gifts are generally placed in a child's piggy bank for when they are older. Other gifts include pillows, blankets, photo albums, and other memory related items. Baptisms are free to attend and participate in. Most parents are required to complete a class before their child is baptized as a baby. Some non-Catholic families still choose to have their child baptized as a sign of dedication to God.
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i think you should give the person that much money u think he deserves. for example u think that man is cruel,mean,undeserving then u should probly. give some one else a chance rather
Money is not a traditional gift for a baptism, but can be given. Gifts made of silver are traditional at a baptism, especially given by the godparents to the infant being baptized
You can give as much as you'd like, however if you don't want the person you are giving the money to to have to pay gift taxes on it, then the limit is $10,000 per person per year.
Dear Jennifer: I believe that you should give what you want and can give and not worry about whether it is appropriate in the eyes of others. When someone is strapped for cash and
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