How Much Money to Give for First Communion?


How much money you give for a first communion can vary. You would give more if the person is a child of a close friend or relative. If this child is not close to you, $20-$25 is usually enough.
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1. Ask the parents what the socially-accepted rule is if you decide to give money at the first communion party. If you do decide to give money, the minimum amount you should give
Money cannot grant you a sacrament, but faith will.
Your employer will give you money in exchange for a hard day of work. You cannot get anything for free you must work hard for every dollar you earn.
None. First Communion is a holy occasion and not a birthday. You should give a religious gift of significance. Perhaps a nice Rosary, a children's missal (assuming this is a child
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The amount of money you can spend on a first communion gift can rang up to $20 or $100 depending on how much your willing to spend, there are gifts specifically ...
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