How much money should I give for a first communion?


How much money you give for a first communion can vary. You would give more if the person is a child of a close friend or relative. If this child is not close to you, $20-$25 is usually enough.
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Money cannot grant you a sacrament, but faith will.
1. Ask the parents what the socially-accepted rule is if you decide to give money at the first communion party. If you do decide to give money, the minimum amount you should give
If a student is graduation from high school or higher, between $50 and $100 would make a nice gift. Completing thirteen years of school is a big accomplishment. If the student is
A nice Bible would be a good gift, or a necklace with a gold cross. $40 in a card would be a good gift too. Congratulations to your niece and good luck.
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The Amount of money that's good for a christening gift is $50 to $100, more if you can afford, either in cash or a saving bond, I recommend the saving bond. ...
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