How much money should I give for a first communion?


How much money you give for a first communion can vary. You would give more if the person is a child of a close friend or relative. If this child is not close to you, $20-$25 is usually enough.
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1. Ask the parents what the socially-accepted rule is if you decide to give money at the first communion party. If you do decide to give money, the minimum amount you should give
I prefer to give something useful to keep the person faith strong rather than money including Bibles, beautiful Cross accessories, bracelet or necklace with symbolic dates.
It is exciting for teenagers to graduate from high school. One of the reasons for excitement is the feeling of accomplishment. Other feelings are the rewards from reaching the goal.
A nice Bible would be a good gift, or a necklace with a gold cross. $40 in a card would be a good gift too. Congratulations to your niece and good luck.
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