How Much Morphine Will Kill You?


The amount of morphine that it would take to kill a person all depends on the person and the way their body metabolizes the drug. It would take quite a bit of morphine though.
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Mrs. Dubose, the mean old lady down the street. The doctor gave her the drugs for her sickness, but she was determined to get rid of the addiction before she died, and that's exactly
Mrs. Dubose is the character in To Kill A
Not Medical Advice: The lethal dose of Morphine is 120-250 mg. Symptoms of overdose are cold, clammy skin, flaccid muscles, fluid in the lungs & dilated pupils. report this answer
morphine SUCKS when tkaing orally. you dont even get high unless you take a large dose. which can be life threatening. if she is taking kadian, it is extended release morphine and
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