How Much my Elgin Pocket Watch is Worth?


How much your Elgin pocket watch is worth depends on a few things, like the age and the condition it's in. The best way to find the actual price is by having it appraised.
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Depending on the year of your Elgin pocket watch and whether or not there a gems or jewels embedded in it it could be worth anywhere from $100.00 to ten thousand dollars.
Modern Elgin pocket watches are worth between $150 and $400. The vintage and Victorian style Elgin pocket watches are worth a lot more. These can run between $150 and $5,000.
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about $200 to $300 if it is non working if it is, about $400 to $500.
1. Pull the crown out on a stem set pocket watch. Turn the crown to adjust the time. Push the crown back in to restart to watch. 2. Remove the bezel of the watch if it is a lever
The price for the Elgin Pocket watch, on Amazon, is $149.95. Great gift for
I am slightly puzzled by what appears to be the date of 1862, since the company did not exist until 1864 - and wasn't officially known as "Elgin" until 1874. Elgin watches
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Elgin watches can range in price. They usually are worth less than a hundred dollars although a few can bring in upwards of five hundred dollars. Generally, Elgin ...
You can get a valuation of your Elgin pocket watch by procuring the services of experts registered by the National Association of Goldsmiths. ...
Online searches for information on pocket watches could help you estimate how much your pocket watch costs. You could also visit a local antique dealer or various ...
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