How much is my Seiko watch worth?


In order for you to determine how much your Seiko watch is worth, you will need to know the year in which it was made and the condition of it. You can find more info at:
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Prices on an 14 karat gold Seiko watch can vary greatly
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Depends on the model and where you get it. I got one at Donkihote for around 10,000 yen (100) but I've seen them sell from as much as 50,000 yen (500) at the larger stores such as
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In order to determine the value of your Seiko watch, you will have to take it to a reputable jeweler or antique dealer. In order to determine the value of the watch, several factors will have to be taken into consideration such as the age and condition of the watch as well as the material it is made of. Some watches are gold and have gemstones and will be much more valuable than those that are stainless steel and not in good condition.
The worth of the Seiko watch will vary depending on style, year, quality and whether it's for a man or a woman. The price typically starts around $120 and goes up from there.
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