How Much Notice Do I Have to Give to My Employer?


Your employer needs to be informed of your resignation from two to four weeks before the said date. This is in most cases. However, the most ideal thing to do is to check with your contract to determine how much notice is required of you.
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1. Notify the human resources department of your company that you are beginning the process of terminating the employment of the employee in question. If your company does not have
No law regulates that, many union contracts do, but only 9% of workers have contracts.
I think that depends on where you are based also. In the case of
1. Review your contract / offer letter. Before you leave, make an effort to re-read any contracts and/or offer letters you signed upon your initial hiring. These will often contain
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Both the employer and employee are entitled to a minimum period of notice of termination of employment. In most cases, this period is usually a month, and it should be given in writing. The requirements of notice periods are usually set out in the employee's employment contract so it should be read carefully once it is received.
In most cases, two weeks to a month's notice is enough. However, just to be sure, you need to check with your company and the contract that you have signed.
The amount of time required for a notice depends on your initial contract agreement. In absence of a contract a week is generally adequate for a notice.
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