How Much Notice Do I Need to Give My Landlord?


The rental period is one month from the date on which the rent is due, unless your contract states otherwise. If your agreement is periodic, (i.e. rolling from week to week or month to month), you normally have to give at least four weeks' notice to end it, or a calendar month if you have a monthly tenancy.
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You can check your original lease to find out how much notice is required before you move out. In most cases, it is a month's notice. However, it varies depending on which place you live in and with the contract you have signed.
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1. Date the 30-day notice first to avoid any disagreements about when you submitted the notice. 2. State the date you intend to move out in the first sentence. 3. Sign the 30-day
First things first. Get your copy of the lease and read it carefully. There are often special requirements listed that must be followed. Some general rules. Communicate your notice
To give two weeks notice, start off by typing up a document stating your final day with the company and how much you enjoyed working there.
Let us get something straight. 30 days is not an "etiquette" issue. This isn't quitting a job. You and the landlord entered into a LEGAL and BINDING agreement. Even if you
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