How Much Notice Do I Need to Give to My Employer?


Most companies require their employees to notify them two weeks to a month prior to resignation. Though a more ideal action to do is checking the contract you have signed to avoid problems in the future such as breach of contract.
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1. Notify the human resources department of your company that you are beginning the process of terminating the employment of the employee in question. If your company does not have
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1. Know what the notice period is in your workplace. This should be stated in your contract or work agreement. It can also be obtained from Human Resources, and if your workplace
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The notice you should give your employer before resigning should be in the contract. If your contract does not say how much notice you must give your employer , if you have worked for one month or more, the minimum notice you should give is one week. If you have worked for less than one month, the notice period should be reasonable. If your agreement says you must give your company more notice than this, you must give the amount of notice in your contract.
Both the employee and employer are normally entitled to a minimum period of notice of termination of employment. According to the law, your employer must give you: at least one week's notice after one month's employment, two weeks after two years of employment and three weeks after three years and so on up to 12 weeks after 12 years or more of employment.
This depends on the company you are working for. Some companies may require a minimum of a week's notice while others may require a month's notice. The best way to know is to check the contract you have signed to determine how much notice is expected from you.
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