How Much Notice Does an Employer Have to Give to an Employee for Store Closing?


Generally speaking, an employer should have a few month's warning that their business is going to be closing. The employer should tell all employees as soon as the decision to close is made. This is only fair since the employee wasn't expecting to be jobless and will need time to make other arrangements for income.
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As always, for actual legal advice, consult (and pay) an attorney. Making legal decisions based on what you read on the internet should result in a jail sentence for being stupid.
We do not know that they are required to give any notice. There is a federal law that requires a company to give notice under a law whose acronym is WARN. We are not expert in its
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Both the employer and employee are normally entitled to a minimum period of notice of termination of employment. After one month's employment, employees must give ...
In the United Kingdom, an employer should give a worker at least a week notice before terminating his/her employment, if the employee has been working for them ...
Employment law states that you should give your employer at least 15 weeks before the expected due date; that's about 3 months. When an employee decides to take ...
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