How Much Nutmeg Do You Need to Get High?


Taking four to eight teaspoons of freshly-ground seed of nutmeg can make you high, causing mild hallucinations and visual distortion. Too much nutmeg can also have other negative side effects like nausea, convulsion, dehydration, body pains, and palpitations. Nutmeg is not advisable for pregnant women.
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it's nothing like acid or shrooms (psilocybin) however, it is classed as a hallucinogen. only in very large, fresh doses (8 tsp) will it make you hallucinate, but the ground stuff
The nutmeg high more strongly resembled flu than a marijuana high a...
ooh nutmeg, how badass of you. seriosuly, if you're gonna go through the pain and nausea justo get a little buzz, buy some pot instead.
Not Med Advice: Nutmeg can SUPPOSEDLY be a psychoactive agent that causes hallucinations if a large dose is taken. But, it's not healthy.
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