How Much of Earth's Surface Is Covered by Warm Desert Land?


About 30 percent of Earth's surface is land and out of that land about 30 percent of that land is covered in warm dessert sand. Through the largest dessert, The Sahara, there is a river called the Nile that flows through. The Nile provides vital access for transporting things around Egypt and also supplies water for bushes and greenery. Large scale city buildings and houses have built along the Nile River in modern day Egypt.
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i think its 50% of earths land.
Deserts occupy between 15 and 20 percent of all the land surface on the Earth. Here, the sun bakes the desert sands so that daytime temperatures can range from 70°F (21.1°
An estimated one-fifth of the earth's surface is covered by
Currently, 1/5 of the earth's land mass is covered by desert.
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