How Much Oil Does My Car Take?


First you can use a manual. If you can't find a manual, a quick phone call to the service department of your local dealer will often produce the information.
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Although I'm sure of the make and model of your vehicle, the standard amount of oil in cars would be five quarts. This can vary due to new units being built more green.
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I went to Jiffylube for about the first 30 years and now I do it myself. Start by removing the bolt in the oil pan under the car. This will drain the oil(hopefully into a pan you
If you don’t have the right amount of oil in your vehicle, you can ruin your engine, which can cost you thousands. Putting oil in is easy and can save you a lot of money, especially
Thinking to yourself, "What kind of oil does my car need?" It's a serious question given the important role oil plays. Motor oil is responsible for lubrication, heat protection
There are many possible reasons as to why your car might be burning oil, but the first one that comes to mind is that your piston rings are bad. They get loose in the cylinder over
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