How Much Old Cameras Are Worth?


The value of old cameras depends on whether the cameras are in good condition. The value rises if the camera is still functional. The value of old cameras also depends on whether there are very many of the same kinds of camera. The less number of existing old cameras, the higher the value.
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By far the most abundant cameras since George Eastman's company, Eastman Kodak, introduced the Brownie in 1900, are consumer-level cameras. These range in quality from fairly good
petri 7mve what is it worth. it has case also.
Please specify which model of camera you are asking the price for. Thanks!
Hi Dianne, The Contax 137MD is a superb 35mm single-lens-reflex camera, made between 1978 and 1983, the result of the combined intellectual efforts of Yashica of Japan (for their
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