How Much Oxycodone Will Kill Me?


In order to tell you how much Oxycodone will kill you, we'll need to know your weight and how many MG's you're taking. However, taking twice over the amount you're prescribed could make you OD and kill you. It's always suggested to take your medications as prescribed.
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Overdose on oxycodone causes respiratory failure and that's what kills you. This most commonly happens when oxycodone is combined with other depressants such as alcohol or benzodiazepines
Everyone's bodies handles medications differently. You should only wonder doctors don't want to prescribe oxycodone to anyone.Oxycodone is reserved for people who have a legitimate use for it. For PAIN. If you really want to help her, call
Iboga is an option in Canada. It removes 85%+ of the withdrawal. SWIM did iboga 13 days ago and has been clean of morphine since. He is feeling pretty much back to normal now. It's
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