How Much Oxygen Does the Rainforest Produce?


Rainforests cover 6% of the Earth's surface. More than 20% of the world's oxygen is produced in the Amazon rainforest alone. The amazon rainforest is approximately 1.2 billion acres, and yet it is only 54% of the total Rainforests left on Earth.
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Cathy is right about no rainforest producing half of the world's oxygen, but she is absolutely wrong about plants not providing a significant amount of oxygen. The truth is that 98%
Oxygen is produced through photosynthesis. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere through plants and trees. These plants and trees use the carbon dioxide that mammals exhale into
The Amazon rainforest produces about 20
The top-most layer in the temperate rainforest is known as the canopy. Huge trees called evergreen conifers form the canopy. These tall trees produce cones. Abundant rainfall helps
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Most oxygen is processed through plants, and mostly in the ocean simply because it covers the most area. Rainforest's also create oxygen but how much comes from ...
To find out how much oxygen plants produce you may need to count the leaves first. Because each leaf produces 5ml an hour so the bigger the plant is the more oxygen ...
The protist group that produces much of the oxygen on Earth would be algae. This makes much sense as most of the Earth is covered in water. Algae produces its ...
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