How Much Platinum Is in a Catalytic Converter?


A catalytic converter is a device that is used to reduce the toxicity of emissions from an internal combustion engine. There are between 1/10 and 1/4 ounce or 3 and 7 grams of platinum in each standard catalytic converter.
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1. Remove the catalytic converter from the car. The catalytic converter can be found underneath the car between the engine and the muffler and can be removed using a ratchet, if it
When a substance is an element, every single atom in that substance has the same number of protons. For instance, graphite is simply elemental carbon because every atom in graphite
Less than a tenth of a troy ounce is required per converter. ChaCha again!
Less than 1 gram of rhodium and platinum. Go to: today's prices of platinum and rhodium @ Johnson Matthey website and you'll see why! Don't take your first answer too seriously, There
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