How much pork roast should you plan on serving per person?


How much roast pork per person depends on the type of roast. For a boneless, top loin roast you can figure about five ounces per person. For a bone in roast, figure about eight ounces per person.
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The rule of thumb is 1 lb per serving and 2 servings per person. SO if you have a 10 pound roast, that should safely feed 5 people eating normal amounts.
The meal you are serving will impact the amount of meat you need per person. If you are serving lunch, you can plan on less meat, but if you are serving dinner, you will need more
2 slices of a decent sized chicken should be fine.
A pork tenderloin roast contains 17.8 grams of fat in each 333 g serving. ChaCha again!
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