How much pork roast should you plan on serving per person?


How much roast pork per person depends on the type of roast. For a boneless, top loin roast you can figure about five ounces per person. For a bone in roast, figure about eight ounces per person.
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A great rule of thumb to calculate how much turkey per person is to figure one pound per person. This will account for seconds and even give you some leftovers.
The beef tri tip originates from the end of the sirloin adjacent to the hindquarter, and between the beef flank sub-primal and the beef round sub-primal. This cut responds best to
1 third of a pound per person.
A pork tenderloin roast contains 17.8 grams of fat in each 333 g serving. ChaCha again!
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A pork loin boneless roast should be cooked for 23 to 33 minutes per pound in a 325 degrees oven. Pork tenderloin should be cooked at 425 degrees for 27 to 29 ...
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