How Much Postage Do You Need to Mail a Letter from the US to Hawaii?


To mail a letter to Hawaii from the United States it will cost you first class postage of forty four cents. It is not considered international Hawaii is one of the states.
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Right now the cost is 94 cents for up to one-ounce letter. On May 11, the price goes up to 98 cents.
1. Pack the item to be delivered in an appropriate sized container, such as an envelope for documents and letters, or a box for larger, heavier items. Weigh and measure the container
A first class postage stamp in the US costs 44 cents. The price
.42 for the first ounce. It was .41 for the first ounce up through May 11, 2008. Then it changed to .42 effective May 12, 2008. I've attached a link showing postage information. Source
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A small postcard 6x4 inches cost .28 cents to mail in the United States. A large postcard 11x6 costs .44 cents to mail, the same rate as a letter. To find more ...
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