How Much Pressure Does It Take to Break a Wrist?


The amount of pressure it takes to break a wrist is usually 15 pounds. The pressure depends upon the physical fitness and bone strength of a person. Drinking lots of milk makes bones stronger. By strength training, and endurance exercises, the thickness of the wrist increases.
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sometimes. what i learned is that while your doing cpr if you dont push hard enough on there chest to the piont you are breaking there ribs.. they can break very easy! thanks! love;
It takes about 13 lbs of pressure to break a nose with a straight punch from a bare fist.
the deed has been done lmao and relaxing most definitely helped. (i wasnt totally relaxed but i was somewhat) i had like no bleeding butttt it hurt like hell!!!!! i cried! and then
It only takes 12 pounds of pressure to break a bone.
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