How Much Pressure Is Needed to Break a Bone?


The amount of pressure that is needed to break a bone depends with the type of bone. The elbow bone can be broken with a pressure of 5 pounds while the femur can take the pressure of up to 1100 pounds before breaking.
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Your question is a bit too broad, because it depends on what bone it is. That's not much of an answer, but if it helps any, I know that if you bend your elbow the way opposite that
There are bones in the human body that can break under
That depends on what bone your talking about. Not all the bones in your body can withstand the same amount of pressure. The strongest bone in the body, the femur, can withstand something
Not medical advice: It takes approximately 8lbs of force to snap this bone. Less with brittle bones. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 12:26AM EST. Source
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The human bone is incredibly strong but it doesn't mean that it can't break. It takes around 3,300 newtons of force to cause a cracking of average person's rib ...
That depends on the bone. It is very easy to fracture a small bone, especially if the pressure is applied across the weakest point.As little as 25 pounds of pressure ...
How much force is needed to break a bone varies depending on which bone. On average though, 9 pounds of direct force is needed to break most human bones. ...
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