How Much Pressure Will Rip an Ear off?


The amount of pressure that will rip an ear off is the same amount needed to tear 12 sheets of bond paper. Knowing this fact can be helpful in defending one's self against an attacker.
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The amount of pressure required to rip off an ear is seven pounds. Only a relatively small amount of pressure is needed to remove the ear, due its structure. The ear is made of mostly cartilage rather than bone and muscle which would impede removal.
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The average is seven pounds.
It takes more shearing force rather than pounds of pressure to rip off
It only takes 7 pounds of pressure to rip your ear off. Anything else to ask, we're here 24/7!
really not much at all, i can tell you i slept with my and ear slit in two.
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It has been noted that seven pounds of pressure is all that is needed to rip off an ear. Now, this pressure has to be applied in just the right manner. If a person ...
A human ear won't necessarily be ripped off due to pressure but by force or tension. The amount of pressure would be around 7 pounds which is like tearing 12 pages ...
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