How much punch does it take to serve 100 people?


When preparing punch for a party of 100 people, count on each person having four drinks. At eight ozs, this comes to 3200 ozs of punch. That may seem excessive, but you have to account for the duration of the event. If the event lasts two hours or more and food is served, people will drink more often. If you plan on serving other beverages at the function, you can split the number between the other drinks. Not everyone likes punch, so having bottled water, soda, tea, and coffee can reduce the amount of punch you need to make.
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4 gallons.
1. Determine how many guests will be coming to the party so that you can determine how much punch and glassware you will need for the event. If the RSVP date has passed and you haven't
A fruity wine punch is typically served with
Ginger-Ale and Sherbet.
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Basing this on 4 oz servings(1/2 cup), You will need 3 gallons of fruit punch. Now, you may want to have a larger 8oz serving(1 cup), for this you will want to have 6 gallon and 1 quart. Good Luck! You can find more information at
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