How Much Rice to Feed 50 People?


It is approximated that an average man can eat 200 gram rice. If we multiply 200 gram with 50 we got 10 kg. So 10 kg rice is enough for the 50 people
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1. Purchase a balanced mash, crumble or pellets for the chickens at your local feed store. Chickens need a balanced diet to grow and maintain health. Place the feed in chicken feeders
To feed 50 people chicken, if you are doing fried chicken, you should get 2 to 3 pieces a person. That would be 100 to 150. You could always get 150 and have leftovers!
25 lbs.
Fifty pounds dry will give you 400 servings cooked if they are 3/4 cup in serving size. I suggest you find an ice cream scoop to do the measuring. It will come close to the desired
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If you are planning a meal and expect to be feeding 50 people you should plan on about 1/3 pound of meat per person whether it is chicken, beef or some other type ...
When catering a large party, knowing how much food to make is essential. You want to ensure everyone has enough, but you do not want to spend excess money on wasted ...
Plan of a cup of cooked pasta per serving. Generally you can expect to feed five people with each box of pasta. Each serving of pasta should be accompanied by ...
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