How Much Salad to Feed 200 People?


Salad is a main course of most formal dinner events. You should consider having at least 40 to 48 pounds of salad prepared to feed 200 people.
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It will depend some on how much other food will be there. But from my experience, I use 1 regular size box of plan noobles and 1 reg size box of green noodles and it will feed around
If your wondering how much potato salad you need for 200 people, you will need around 50-60 pounds. Some people may eat more or even less and keep in mind there will be other dishes
1. Conduct a review of your family's food intake. Make sure you are sticking to a diet rich in nutrients and proteins. Visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture's website to review
Between 38.5 and 50 lb. That would be 200 3-4 oz servings. Probably 40 lb would be enough, as not everyone will eat pasta salad, and not everyone will eat 4 oz. It also depends on
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When you are planning a party or wedding and need potato salad for 200 people, you need to have an idea of how much you will need. There are some cookbooks that ...
You will need about 12 lbs of potato salad to feed 40 people. You can make the potato salad with 12 lbs potatoes, 1 pint mayonnaise, 1 tbsp vinegar, 8 pieces of ...
To be able to calculate how much food is needed to feed 200 people, first decide what type of food to be served. For appetizers, calculate it to be at least 15 ...
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