How Much Should 1 Dental Filling Cost?


Although costs vary across the country and by dental office, the cost of typical metal filling ranges from approximately $75 to $145 per filling, whereas a composite resin fillings range from $150 to $300for a single surface white composite filling.
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Answer Dentists charge different prices and if you get a silver filling it is cheaper then a white filling. You should be able to call different dentist offices in your area and they
Fillings average in cost from $150 to $200 per tooth.
I got tired of being ripped off at dental office so i've been doing a lot of research, i just found a dental office in anaheim, ca that does tooth colored filling for $55 - $85 depending
There is mercury in amalgam while resin or white fillings are a type of polyurethane, so basically a plastic. There is a big on-going fight about whether the mercury in amalgam will
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The price of a dental filling will vary depending on size and type of filling used. A silver filling on average cost $75-$160. For a tooth color filling the cost ...
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Deep root filling also known as endodontic treatment, root filling or root canal treatment is treatment of the nerve and blood supply of the tooth (known as the ...
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